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We are here to help with the education process surrounding rest, rehab and return to play processes and practices. We're also available offline, where we can help in the rehabilitation process through structured strength programming templates and athletic therapy. For more information on Off Season Strength programs, In Season Strength programs, Injury prevention and condtioning programs or Complete packages. Contact through email Conallhoey6@gmail.com

Athletic & Rehabilitation Therapy

An Athletic Rehabilitation therapist treatments work with patients whose movements have been undermined by age, disease, environmental factors or sporting hazards. An Athletic therapist can provide the athlete or patient with a greater understanding of musculoskeltal injuries (muscles, ligaments and nerves) than that of a normal physiotherpist graduate. Athletic therapists specialise for four years at university solely assessing, managing, treating and developing rehabilitation and reconditioning programs most commonly associated with sporting injures and physical activity. The goal of our treatment is to prepare the patient/athlete as a whole, and not just treat the injury site but to use the rehabilitation and conditoning time to focus on other aspects of performance, to home in on other key determinants of physical ability, to strengthen other areas of the body that may directly or indirectly influence the current injury site. All programs and treatments are tailored towards the indivdual and based on a patient needs analysis, screening and objective measurments taken on intial consultation. Whether it is to get through your daily routine pain free, move and feel better or excell in a sporting context enhancing performance. Athletic therapy services can undoubtably aid you in doing so.

Soft Tissue Therapy

STT/ Massage Therapy involves kneading and manipulation of muscle to relieve tightness, spasm and soreness. Massage work can also involve deep tissue work that can be uncomfortable for short periods of time but the results can improve posture, joint movements and relieve pain. <br>Treatment usually includes clinical assessment, a regime of exercises and stretches (and/or hands on treatment) to assist recovery and injury. Those exercises also help maintain the improvement achieved by treatment. Exercises will be tailored to suit each client’s ability, to ensure they reach their best possible outcome.

Conall Hoey Therapy Services

We're all about the well-rounded athlete. It's a combination of things that helps keep you fit and healthy. Our services set out to help you reach your true potential in many different ways. If it's a new injury or an old injury, we can help!

Strength & Conditioning

Advice and direction given to help one achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether it is post injury rehabilitation, sport specific training, strength gains or weight loss. Programme design based on your goals, physical assessment and diet plan prescribed to facilitate your needs and goals

Gameday Physiotherapy

Cover for training and games including pitch-side care. On-site treatment pre-match with taping, soft tissue work and functional fitness testing as well as post match injury assessment and soft tissue work. Certified EFR – emergency first responder and CFC – cardiac first responder for on field first aid and emergency care.

Injury Prevention

Pre-participation musculoskeletal screening to help athletes, players and teams identify physiological weaknesses to improve upon to avoid injury over the course of their season through dedicated injury prevention programmes.


Extremely detailed injury assessment services accompanied by an impressive referral network that provides quick referral for a wide range of critical services such as imaging, orthotics, surgical examination etc.


Soft tissue work such as massage, trigger point massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release and soft tissue release. Manual therapy mobilisations, ultrasound, interex pain management, electrical stimulation, TENS, heat treatment also available.


Our rehabilitation offering differs depending on your specific needs and may include one or a combination of strengthening programmes, flexibility programmes, stability & core programmes, functional rehabilitation aiming for a sport specific return to full play.


My name is Conall Hoey, I am a graduate of Athletic Therapy at Dublin City University in Ireland (Bsc Hons) and a certified member of Athletic Rehabilitation Ireland (A.R.T.C), and a certified strength and conditioning coach (N.C.S.C) I am currenlty purseuing a MSC in Strength & Conditioning at St Mary's University,London. I am aspiring to become a Head Physical Preparation Coach/Athletic Therapist in a professional team setting where I hope to contribute significantly to the organization's success through improved physical preparation and rehabilitative stratgeies.

Conall Hoey

Conall Hoey

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Conall Hoey

Conall Hoey


I'm glad to have worked with some top athletes, here's what they have to say.

Aaron Mc Carey

While Conall was working with wolves, I was suffering from lower back pain for months. Conall placed me on a core strengthening programme along with hands on physical treatment which greatly helped my recovery and facilitated me making my first team league debut and consecutive appearances of Wolves promotion team of 2014.

GoalkeeperDundalk F.C
Dublin Senior Footballer

Johnny Cooper

I have been involved with DCU teams for a number of years. On several occasions I had the pleasure of dealing with Conall when he was AT of the Sigerson team. During assessment and rehab periods I found him to be pleasant, thorough and very professional in relation to dealing with any injuries I sustained over that period. I highly recommend Conall as sports injury specialist, you will be in safe hands.

Dublin Senior FootballerDublin GAA
Galway Senior Footballer

Fiontan Ó Curraoin

Last November I had hip surgery to amend impingements on both sides. As you can imagine I was given a long list of rehab exercises with very little guidance as I was in college away from my county physio for long periods of time. During this time Conall was brilliant, having been through a similar surgery he took it upon himself during his final year of college to help me every step of the way, assisting me with rehab techniques, monitoring my progress, and even researching to keep up to date with the latest practices. Under his guidance I made a full recovery in time for the beginning of the 2014 football championship and had a season without any reoccurring injuries. Without his help this wouldn’t have been possible.

Galway Senior FootballerGalway GAA
Head of Medical Department

Philip Hayward MSCP MMACP

Conall worked with us whilst on a student placement at the beginning of 2014 for around 10 weeks and in that time proved to be a very capable Athletic Therapist. He demonstrated excellent assessment and treatment skills, far above the level expected of an undergraduate student. He is a very diligent therapist and can be relied upon to provide a first rate standard of care to any patients or athletes that he works with. I am certain Conall will go on to have an excellent career as an Athletic Therapist.

Head of Medical DepartmentWolverhampton Wanderers
  • Dublin GAA
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • Louth Physio Clinic
  • Dublin City University
  • Na Fianna GAA
  • Louth GAA


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